Indie of the Year

Many updates of SciFi3D have been included here with the game. You will find them fine. In this game option every year we nominate a player as the indie of the year award. As a result the nominated player is respected with award and price.

Mission Editor

We have brought some new mission editor for the games along with giving players the aptitude to generate new missions for Saga; the equipment originates with an autopilot pattern for the game. You will find them better because their performance is quite satisfactory.

No Sound in Space but Music in Wing Commander

We have included music in wing commander though there is no sound system in the space. We have brought this feature. This is really good one. Gamer find it here with the games.

Existing Patch

You will find the new wing commander patch here with scifi3d and it doses a number of small matters that have beleaguered gamers since launch.

Darkest Dawn Cleared for Launch

We have presented you the darkest dawn. It’s humanity’s most distressed hour and you’ve got an obverse row seat.

Khan’s Darkest Dawn Continues

The game fans will find Khan’s Darkest Dawn Continue. A new exclusive gameplay video has been released with new scenes not found in any other showing videos.

There are some more things. They are clarification in response to recent media stories where we would like to post an official correction. Previews and inter views about Darkest Dawn are added to secure access to the finished version. There are also pilots.

The Darkest Dawn accomplishes a forty-year enormous struggle between the Terrain Confederation and the Kilrathi Empire, an imperialistic, chauvinistic alien contest.
There is an enormous battle between Earths and. Humanity’s single hope lies in a desperate plan that will necessitate even perfectionistic young fighter pilots to stretch themselves beyond all fancy. There are raw emotion, genuine characters, a hard look at the destruction of war, and powerful large-scale space contest action. Rotations of destiny will pitch you out of your dull backwoods project and right into the hottest spots of the most overwhelming war in history.

The exclusive features

Are enhanced free space 2 engines with features such as autopilot, enhanced graphics and effects carrier landings, and many more. You will get breathtaking, high-detail models, authentic characters, munificent mission variety, and war ranging from minor fighter skirmishes to full-scale navy battles, multifaceted and compelling storyline and comprehensive voice acting by an original cast.
All hopes and aspirations are condensed by the weight of reality. For every Kilrathi fighter and warship destroyed. The evacuation is descending corkscrew leading to the final stand at Earth.

There are over 60 voice actors, some of whom are definitely professionals, achievements, 221 voice acting roles, 55 missions, 90 models created for Saga. All the games of Saga computer are always best seller in the world of game markets. Everything of SciFi3D will charm you with assurance.  This is the game site for people of all ages.

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